Friday, 11 July 2014

A Warning Video.

Hi there,

This is a Northern  Ireland safety ad... which will shock you as much at it did me !

Why won’t the Westminster government allow road safety ads like this to be shown? Northern Ireland have always been good at producing hard hitting road safety adverts.

TV rules say it can only be shown after 9pm but its had nearly one and a quarter million hits on You Tube.
That's one and a quarter million people who will hopefully think twice about their speed.

It's shocking, but it brings it home to you why you should not speed which is the main reason for watching it.

Kate xxx.

1 comment:

giveitanothergo said...

That made me feel sick, job done.
I agree with you, more of these adverts should be shown here. I remember back in the 70's we had hard hitting adverts about playing on train tracks and on farms. But I suppose the PC brigade would never allow such a thing now.