Sunday, 29 June 2014

Henman Hill or Murray Mound ? and A Dancing Orangutan.

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Is it Henman Hill or Murray Mound  ???

A cyber row appears to have broken out between British tennis fans. The area where fans at the All England Club watch Wimbledon on a giant screen was originally labelled as Henman Hill on Google Maps.   However, it was renamed Murray Mound after Andy Murray won his title last year. But it has just been changed back - possibly by a disgruntled Tim Henman fan - during the last two days.A spokesman for Google said the changes are being made by users of 'Map Maker', a tool where people can add places to Google Maps.
This is a rare example where a place of interest has a number of different names by which it's known locally.
The name Murray Mound was added on the day Andy won Wimbledon last year, but was changed over this weekend to Henman Hill.
If you search Google Maps though, both names will get you to the same place.
It's not the first time there has been debate about what Wimbledon's famous hill should be called. Tim Henman made a TV advert with Judy Murray having the same argument.

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Anyone for a rumba or a rum-baba or summat ??

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