Thursday, 7 March 2013

Cute dancing pony / Raising my child again ...

Hi There,

I just love this wee video which has been doing the rounds on our TV advertisement breaks for the past few days ...  It tickles my fancy hehehe... and  I have just heard today on TV that it has gone viral ... Enjoy !!!

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If I Had My Child To Raise Again Movie:  Please  'click'  the foregoing to see a short inspirational movie based on the highly acclaimed poem "If I Had My Child to Raise Over Again" by Diana Loomans. We often say children grow up in a flash - that before you know it, they turn from grinning toddlers to insolent teenagers. Perhaps it isn't about the speed in which they grow, it's about how present we are able to be in each and every moment of their lives. It's about how we cherish the time we spend with them. Take just 3 minutes now to watch this short movie. Sit back, turn up your speakers and enjoy!

Cheers, Kate xxx.

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giveitanothergo said...

I love that little pony video too.

Nice post Kate