Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Dirty tricks and angry words in Politics - Aaarrghh!

 Mr. Alistair Darling.

Hi Folks, 

ARRGGHH ! Giant size rant coming up...

Well, we still have nearly two years before the people of Scotland cast their ballot on whether or not to split from England and actually gain the right to rule ourselves, the infighting has well and truly started.  The latest moan is that the question to be asked on the ballot paper is said to be wrongly worded.

"Do you agree that Scotland should be an Independent country from the United Kingdom."  Yes or No?    

Now there's not a lot of difference you can make to the wording of the question is there?

Published on Friday 9th November 2012 22:03  
In The New Scotsman paper. Former Chancellor Alistair Darling has used a keynote speech to claim that independence would mean the loss of all British culture in Scotland and would lead to relatives of Scots in other parts of the U.K. becoming foreigners "overnight"...  It would seem then that the whatsit has well and truly hit the fan !

Mr. Darling, leader of the Better Together anti-independence campaign issued a warning that British music will no longer be 'our music' and that British sporting success will be someone else's to celebrate,  if Scots did vote 'yes'  in the 2014 referendum.  The Labour MP said that Scotland is far better represented abroad as part of the UK than we could ever hope to be as a separate state. Talk like that makes me say " Ohhh!  Do you really think so?"   

There are a few things that annoy me about being an adjunct to England  (though they will probably seem petty to others) number one is when the weather map is shown on TV at the end of the news section. The map shown includes Scotland, England and Wales ...  Now I knew the approximate sizes of each of these countries and that the map shown was completely out of sinc but in order to check my information for this blog entry I looked the area sizes up on the internet...  

The land mass in area for England is 50,316 square miles.  
Scotland is 30,414 square miles.  
Wales is 8,000 square miles.  
1) Why is it then that when the map is shown these figures bear no relation to the correct size of the countries.
2) Why is that on text services on the television (and at other times) Scotland is shown as a 'region' of the U.K. like Yorkshire, Lancashire etc.  I have news for the powers that be ...  Scotland is not a 'region' it is a 'nation'! 

Now, if we as Scots are being such a drag on the U.K. and we are living of the back of England as it were you would think that England would be glad to see the back of us.  So why is it that the struggle for Scotland  to become independent seems to be so difficult for England (and especially English polititians) to accept ???  There have been great English writers, actors and architects brought up in England but there have also been engineers writers and inventors born and brought up north of the border hehehe... and come to think of it there have also been great Irish and Welshmen and women too ! 

Perhaps these points I have mentioned will not mean very much to others but I  have had over sixty years of living in a country which was led by another until we actually were allowed to have our own devolved government making decisions on a few things ' but not too many '  which affect us - I mean we can't be allowed to actually run our own affairs could we?  

So then what happened when more was said by our First Minister about becoming independent ?  Well then we heard that instead of us completely splitting - the powers that be would give us more powers in our devolved parliament which they tried to say would be 'more in our interests'  Yeah right ! hehehe...

Perhaps by leaving the umbrella of Britain and 'really' being able to govern ourselves in Scotland instead of living as part of another country.  Now there's a thing, 'that' would really be something...  We have lived for three hundred years living as an additional bit of England and that is long enough.  It's time we stood on our own feet rather than as part of someone else's. 

I found this wee video and found it quite entertaining have a looksee...

I would be very interested to hear your comments on the video and also on my rants above,  OK  lecture over......

Cheers, Kate xxx.


Kate said...

Comment left on my email system from Helen at'Giving it another go' blog.

Hi there,
Just read your post and I can't understand why Scotland hasn't been made indenpendent long before now. I can't help feeling that you would be better off under your own steam as it where.


Kate said...

Reply to Helen via email.

Hi Helen,

Nor do I, however this is the nearest we've been to actually getting there so I'm keeping my fingers crossed - Politics is a really dirty business so there will probably be plenty of hoops to go through before we actually get to the ballot ....

I think the whatsit really hit the fan when the Tories won the election and joined with Lib Dems to run the U.K. ... This meant that only 'one' member of the party which had won the election had been elected in the whole of Scotland and Lib Dems are not really quoted here either... It was a ludicrous situation.

People then started to actually believe that our 'own actual real' Parliament could be possible.... Oh I do hope it's really going to happen ! The only thing is - I've often said I could blub for Scotland I probably will !!!

Cheers, Kate xxx.